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I offer pop/jazz voice lessons for adults and teenagers. Beginners as well as advanced students are most welcome! The focus is on finding the student's individual style and personal way of expressing themselves by learning to navigate each person's unique voice, so it can sound healthy and strong.


We will work on:

- Technique

- Singing freely

- Expand and strengthen your register

- Songwriting (if desired)

- Development of different registers (Chest-,Mix-,Headvoice)

-Articulation and Intonation


Stams, Tyrol, Austria (right next to train station)

Innsbruck, Austria ("endlich" near main station)


A single lesson: 50€

Package of 10: 450€ (45€/lesson)

Semester Deal (16 lessons): 696€ (43,50€/lesson)

1 lesson = 50-55min

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